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Careers with the Commission

Thank you for your interest in the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service. The Commission is in the process of growing our staff and has several openings for highly motivated and skilled people.  Please take a moment to review the job descriptions below.  

You may apply for any of our open positions here by sending an email to  Please be sure to include a resume, your contact information, a list of references, and any other material specified in the job description.  We will evaluate your application against the Commission's needs, and will be in touch should your qualifications be suitable for any of our open positions.

Team Lead for National Service

The Team Lead will coordinate and supervise staff in the research, analysis, writing, and editing of significant portions of the report containing the findings and recommendations of the Commission along with any interim report.  The Team Lead should have strong knowledge of the organizations, issues, and challenges in the national service world, to include issues related to volunteerism and service; national, state, and local-led programs; proposals for reform of national service programs; and the propensity to serve.  The Team Lead should have practical and/or research experience involving the broader aspects of national service in the nonprofit or public community at various levels.  Candidates should have 10+ years of civilian work experience, background in research methods, excellent writing skills, an ability to lead research projects, and passion about the Commission’s mission.  Master’s degree required.

Policy Analyst

Policy Analysts will conduct research, collect and analyze data, and prepare written work product based on descriptive, qualitative, and quantitative data and source material.  Policy Analysts will be responsible for assisting in the writing, drafting, and editing the report containing the findings and recommendations of the Commission along with any interim report.  Candidates must have strong research, writing, and analysis skills.  Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree is preferred. Experience with qualitative or quantitative data software such as SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, NVivo, Atlas.ti or other similar programs desired.

Public Affairs Manager

The Public Affairs Manager is responsible for managing the communications and public relations aspects of the Commission, including strategic communications, media relations, press outreach strategies, and social media.  The Public Affairs Manager should be a senior leader with 10+ years of experience in the areas of strategic communications, social media, marketing, and media engagements. Supervisory experience required; some government experience desired.

Governmental Affairs Manager

The Governmental Affairs Manager will coordinate the Commission’s affairs at all levels of government, including within the Executive Branch, with Congress, and with state and local bodies.  The Governmental Affairs Manager should be a senior leader with 10+ years of experience in the federal, state, and/or local government. Supervisory experience and Hill experience strongly desired.

Records and Information Management Analyst

The Records and Information Management Analyst develops and maintains an information storage system and an official records file plan and repository, collecting documents, emails, and correspondence that requires retention as an official record.  The incumbent should be conversant in managing SharePoint document collaboration and storage systems to facilitate official records storage and small group document management.  

Operations Analyst

The Operations Analyst provides support and assistance to the operations team by filling gaps in a variety of disciplines.  They will be part of the team responsible for the day to day operations of the Commission and for setting up and executing public meetings.  The Ops Analyst will have the opportunity to work independently on a variety of projects in order to support the goals of the Commission.

External Relations & Partnerships Manager

The External Relations & Partnerships Manager will coordinate the Commission’s relationships with non-governmental organizations across the country.  The External Relations & Partnerships Manager should be a senior leader with significant experience managing external relationships and working with multiple stakeholders, to include nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, think thanks, and the private sector.  Supervisory experience strongly desired.  


Attorney-Advisors will conduct legal research, analyze case law, statutes and regulations, and prepare legal memoranda and other documents.  Attorney-Advisors will assist the Commission’s staff in the drafting of the report containing the findings and recommendations of the Commission along with legislative proposals and any interim report.  Attorney-Advisors will also attend and prepare memoranda of meetings and engagements.  Attorney-Advisors may also be called upon to assess regulatory requirements and engage in other tasks required by the Office of the General Counsel.  A JD is required for the Attorney-Advisor position, but the Commission will also consider applications for Legal Internships.

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