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National Service Hearing: Improving Current National Service Policies and Processes

The Commission will host fourteen public hearings on policy options it is considering for its final report. Through each hearing, Commissioners will gain insights from panelists as they develop recommendations for their final report to Congress, the President, and the American people in March 2020.

On March 28, 2019, the Commission will host National Service Hearing: Improving Current National Service Policies and Processes. This hearing will address the challenges of the current national service system in America and discuss options to improve policies and processes, ensuring access to, awareness of, and aspiration for national service.

President George H.W. Bush lived his life in service to others and as a strong leader who believed service could unite Americans. He served as a champion of national service and with that in mind, it is an honor for the Commission to partner with the Bush School of Government and Public Service to host the two hearings on national service. The Bush School of Government and Public Service was founded in 1997, under President George H.W. Bush's philosophy that public service is a noble calling. The Bush School prepares students to become principled leaders in their fields and to reflect the value of public service throughout their careers. To attend in-person, please RSVP here. The hearing will also be livestreamed.

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CT

Location: Texas A&M University, The Bush School of Government and Public Service, Annenberg Presidential Conference Center, The Hagler Auditorium,1002 George Bush Drive West, College Station, TX 77843


  • Opening remarks
  • Testimony from Panelists
  • Panelist Questioning by Commissioners
  • Public Comments
  • Closing Remarks

Staff Memo

The Commission and Commission staff request feedback from the public on the ideas presented in STAFF MEMORANDUM: NATIONAL SERVICE. You can read the memorandum here and share your feedback here.


  • Michelle K. Brooks, Chief of Staff, Peace Corps | Testimony
  • Chris Bugbee, Chief Operating Officer, OneStar Foundation | Testimony
  • AnnMaura Connolly, President for Voices for National Service and Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of City Year, Inc. | Testimony
  • Pierre Nguyen, Disaster Response Programs Manager, Texas Conservation Corps of American YouthWorks | Testimony
  • Barbara Stewart, CEO, Corporation for National and Community Service | Testimony

Statements submitted to the Commission regarding this hearing:

Public Comments

The public is invited to provide comment at each hearing following the conclusion of testimony. In order to accommodate as many public comments as possible, individuals will have two minutes to relate their comment to the Commission. If you are interested in providing a public comment during the hearing, please arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. to receive a ticket. The Commission will select tickets at random. If your ticket is drawn, you may provide your comment to the Commissioners during the public comment period. If you’re unable to attend the public hearing or have to leave early, you can submit your comment here, email it to, or mail it to 2530 Crystal Drive, Suite 1000, Box #63, Arlington, Virginia 22202.