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On January 23, 2019, the Commission released its Interim Report. The Interim Report shares what the Commission has learned throughout its first year, explores options the Commission is considering to increase service participation among all Americans, and outlines issues involved in the Commission’s review of the military selective service process.

The Commission will issue its Final Report March 25, 2020. The Final Report will include our policy recommendations and legislative proposals regarding the military selective service process and ways to increase participation in military, national, and public service. Stay tuned for the release of our Final Report; in the meantime, please download and read our Interim Report.


Interim Report

The Commission’s Interim Report is an opportunity to share what we have learned and take the next steps in fostering a meaningful and robust conversation with the American public on options the Commission is considering and how service can strengthen our nation.

Download Interim Report Here

Read Interim Report Online Here

Executive Summary: Interim Report

This executive summary offers a synopsis of the Commission's Interim Report.

Download Executive Summary Here